Investment immigration to UK

Accomplish your dreams to your ideal life

Longing for British pretty street, comfortable weather and the photos shows that you have a memorable time there

Just leave and go to your dream land!

What is British Investment immigration  |  permits immigration when owning a local properties  |  Fast, easy, and low standard


over 18 years old
No criminal record

  • Buying local property in £2 millions
  • have £1.05 million deposit in British personal accounts
  • live in British over 183 days

Successful immigration

If the above conditions have been met, it is not a problem to immigrate to UK without learning their local language.

Environment Introduction

The United Kingdom is composed of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, they are loyal to 4one government and president.

Social stability, stable life, low crime rates and very few violent acts.
The climate in the UK is warm, with no severe cold and heat, usually the maximum temperature does not exceed 32 ° C,"The minimum temperature is not lower than -10℃. The average temperature on January is from 4℃ to 7℃ and on July is from 13℃ to 17℃ . It has convenient transportation here. The road and rail system at UK are safe and efficient, and the telecommunication industry here is the most developed in the world. The Historical architectures are well preserved.

London is an international city and a political culture center of UK.
Most of international organizations and enterprises settle the headquarters here.

Why Choose UK?

      The high welfare and high education level in the UK is an ideal choice for studying abroad.
There is no requirement for management experience, tax certificate, age, education or speaking in english. Therefore, both spouses can choose whom can live in the UK as the main applicant.
      The UK passport is universally used, but unlike the United States, the advantage of immigrating to the UK is that there is basically no investment risk and the application is fast. It takes only 4-6 months from submitting an application to obtaining a residence visa.
When you become a permanent resident, your parents and grandparents over 65 years old can also apply to settle in UK. Therefore, people who wants to apply for immigration in short time, UK investment immigration is a best choice.
      Another attractive benefit of immigrating to UK is the National Health Service. NHS ia always been one of the most concerned topics in the world. National Health Service represents a country's comprehensive soft power, and UK is one of the few countries in the world that implements a national free medical system. "Its National Health Service is the biggest public fund medical services. If you become a British resident, you will be eligible for NHS. The medical expense nowadays is really high. That welfare(NHS) is what citizens want for today.

Who is suitable for investment immigration?

  • People who want to let their kids have British education.
  • Many famous schools include Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College and nine major schools in the UK are the origin place of British education.
  • International students who want to stay in UK
  • International students who are studying or have graduated, ID gained through investment immigration, and will continue to develop in the local area
  • People who wants to get the ID of the powerful countries easily.
  • Application requirements are just simple. Get the traditional immigrant ID of Europe for about 4 months.
  • Plan to invest overseas with low risk
  • The investment is a higher level of national debt, it is secure to be deposited in the account of the applicant’s own name.

The advantage of UK investment immigration

The latest GFCI announces that London ranks first in the global financial center.

After passing the verify, you can apply for permanent residence in fifth year and apply for passport in the sixth year.

Lots of famous elite school located in british.

without overseas income tax problems before applying for permanent residence