Investment Immigration to Malta

profitable investment

Malta passport is a visa-free to travel around 166 countries, one person can apply for four family members to Malta.

Many overseas investors choose Malta, which is a low tax paradise

What is investment immigration to Malta?  |  If you own a local property and you can aslo immigrate there   |  low standard


over 18 years old
No criminal record

  • Invest to buy 250,000 euros for class-A government bond.
  • Buying or rent the properties that have government approval.
  • hold for 5 years

Successful immigration

If the above conditions have been met, it is not a problem to immigrate to Malta without learning their local language.

Environment Introduction

Republic of Malta is a Republican country located in south Europe and its capital city is Valletta. It is an island country located in the center of the Mediterranean, composed of several islands such as Malta Island, Gozo Island and Comino Island. Comino island is a bird sanctuary and a natural protected area. It is called Heart of the Mediterranean, and regards as “Back Garden of Europe". Maltese economy depends on service industry and financial industry.
Tourism is the way for Malta to earn foreign exchange. In addition, Malta’s socialty welfare is more comprehensive, it has free educations, free medical and retirement insurance. Malta has a subtropical mediterranean climate. It is rainy in winter, while hot and dry in summer.

Why choose Malta?

Malta is a member of the European Union, and is also a country of the Schengen and the Great Britain. It can be exempted from entering 166 countries and live freely in 28 EU countries. "It is suitable for the businessman and entrepreneur who needs to travel around the world. Maltese climate is comfortable without adaptation problems. Malta does not need to prove any assets. Malta is good at protecting the immigrant's privacy. one person can apply for four family members that can also get the same benefits. Malta's enterprise income tax rate is minimum 5%. It is a tax avoidance paradise without inheritance tax, gift tax, immovable property tax. One can also get the company allowance from EU, Malta is really good choice for investors, Who wants to open a company or buy a property. You can follow the trend first.
Maltese has many welfare conditions like free medical, education and pension, and its medical systems rank fifth in WHO.The said conditions are only applicable for EU citizens.

Who is suitable for investment immigration?

  • People who needs low barrier for immigrants.
  • The entrepreneurs who needs to allocate their asset and transform their funds.
  • Businessman who can successfully apply for immigration in a short time.
  • People who loves to travel around the countries of Europe.
  • No restriction on education, assets, and business experience
  • No residence requirement, just visit the Malta before applying for immigrants.

The advantages of immigration to Malta

Investment requirement is low and you just need to invest 250 thousands Euros.
Can get the resident ID in just one step.

It takes 3 months for the government approval.

Four family members can immigrate to Malta.

Invest to buy class-A government bond.
The bond is managed directly by government and it has a low risk .